Dental Treatment Solutions

Our patients trust us to provide great service and personal care with a variety of treatment solutions we provide.


Teeth cleaning

Regular teeth cleaning is an important part of oral hygiene. During your routine cleaning, Dr. Kris and her team will use a variety of instruments to remove the build up of plaque and tartar deposits while also ensuring that you are comfortable and at ease.


We have a number of options available for whitening your teeth. Our in-office bleaching procedure takes into account your natural tooth color to provide you with a dazzling, bright smile.




Veneers are a great way to improve the look and aesthetics of your teeth. With the availability of different materials, your veneers will be customized to your specific dental needs and can offer a permanent solution to that worn down or crooked tooth.

Individual/Ceramic crowns

Dr. Kris routinely treats otherwise unrestorable teeth with ceramic crowns using a state-of-the-art 3D scanner. no need for messy impressions. There is the ability to do individual crowns or bridges for a fully functioning dentition.



white fillings

White fillings are a perfect and discrete way to restore your smile. Dr. Kris pays close attention to the color of your teeth and ensures the filling fits your tooth perfectly and is polished to perfection to avoid additional staining.

implant restoration


When other dental procedures aren’t an option, dental implants are another common procedure performed by Dr. Kris that help restore your smile.